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Raise Your Spark

Posted by tammy castleberry on

"Raise your spark" is an ancient belief that has gained momentum in the new Millennium. It is believed that the World is balanced on our ability to help one another.  They actually believe that raising your own spark can change the balance of the Universe. They call it "The Collective Consciousness."   Sounds heavy right?  That's the beauty of raising your spark, every little act of kindness counts.  Sometimes we choose not to do anything, because the problems of the World seem much bigger than ourselves, and we feel like there is no way we can make a difference.  Natural disasters, mass starvation, and wars are all things we feel we can't control...and on the surface we can not.  But we can control how we treat others.  Or sometimes even ourselves.

Have you ever heard of the old saying "She lights up a room."  And we're not talking about "lit" as in drinking tequila shots, we are talking about that spark. We gravitate towards this person, simply by the way we feel by being around them.

So how can you "Raise your Spark?"  You can start with  simple acts of loving kindness.  We come across situations everyday and we have a choice to we stop what we are doing in the moment, and help in any way we can?  It can be something as simple as holding a door, acknowledging a stranger with a smile, or listening to a friends problems without judgement.  You know how annoyed we get when we are stuck in traffic, and a car tries to nudge his way in front of you? And then your inner voice gets involved. "WTF is this person doing? Why do they think they are going to get in ahead of me?  Their happy ass had better get in line like I did. Here....let me just lay on the horn and let this guy know I ain't lettin' him in."

Next time...just let him in. 

After awhile you will start to realize something...that by doing these things you begin to Raise your Spark.  You will notice a subtle change in your perception.  And doing kind acts will become easier and easier...your inner light will begin to shine, and radiate outwards.  And something else will will actually feel GOOD after each act.  Maybe a little more at Peace with the day...or yourself.  You will begin to start doing them simply because it's become part of who you are...and not just a physical act. 

So you see...if we ALL did these simple kind acts...what a beautiful World it would truly be, because we are all connected in some way...big and small.  Everything...from the smallest bug to the highest Mountains...we all count hippies.

So go out there Groovy...and Raise your Spark.





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