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About Us

The Urban Hippie believes in the Starfish Story. "Everybody can make a difference to something." We love animal rescue groups and donate monthly to both local and international animal groups.  Closest to our heart is "Soi Dog Foundation." Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand destined for the dog meat trade in parts of Asia. The Urban Hippie sponsors a very old girl by the name of Cha Cha that was rescued from certain torture and death and now lives her golden years in comfort and love.

Who is "The Urban Hippie?"  We are not a demographic...we are kindred spirits.  The original hippie movement may have started as part of a volatile change in America, and at one time created a divide between generations, but out of that volatility...grew change.  And just like the butterfly...sometimes change brings beauty.

"The Urban Hippie" loves old Chicago style brick buildings, and old architecture.  We love outdoor cafes, and Farmer's Markets. We love the little dive restaurants that Suburbia would rather not bother with. We prefer textures, and easy breezy style, over high maintenance glitz and glamour. We are approachable...and we love to laugh...even at ourselves...because life just shouldn't be that serious.

And last but not least...we are strong believers in Karma, and the "Butterfly effect."  That's why you will most likely see us change paths when walking...because a small bug has entered our pathway, and we would rather just step aside.