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Hearts are everywhere

Posted by tammy castleberry on





I have an old friend...she sees hearts on random obscure things.  I laughed the first time she posted a pic on her social media...and thought oh ya that's cool.

But she continued to post them because she  sees them everywhere.  So I started to think...why don't I ever see them?  It didn't take long to figure out I don't see them because I'm not looking for them.  My mind is jumbled with where I'm going, or what I need to do, completely distracted by random thoughts racing through my mind.  


I wanted to think she's lucky to be born with the ability to see beauty in little things.  That's just not how I was made.  I was made to multi task, and take on multiple projects or ideas.  I'm a mover and a shaker.  But that's not true...she wasn't made that way either...she just "chooses" to find beauty in every little thing.  She sees beauty where others see trash, or just a bowl, or just a rock.                                                      

To some it might be insignificant.  But it's not's an appreciation that keeps her present in today...and grounded in simplicity.   

We rush through life hurrying to get to the next big thing, or the next traffic light (Road rage is real hippies), or the next whatever....we have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) but that's exactly what happens when we don't appreciate where we are in the present, and are constantly looking for what might be better.  Because at the end of the will likely be looking back at your life wishing for do-overs.  Wishing you could go back to those moments that you rushed through... only to learn that every day and every moment counts.

So...look for beauty every little will slow you down...and bring you not only beauty, but a clarity and appreciation for all things big and small. 



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