Screaming Homeless Lady

Posted on October 26 2014

We may be a clothing site, but our mission is much more.  We really do believe in the starfish story, and through a helping hand all things are     possible.  Inspiration and motivation comes in many different ways.... 

This story is about Veronika Scott, and her desire to make a difference. Veronika grew up in a family of drug addicts, and she understood on a personal level what living with an addict was like.  Early childhood experiences programs the brain, and the childhood of an addict is a stressful barren existence that breeds anxiety, scarcity and chaos. Children are set up for failure, because they see little value in themselves, and if they are to see success, they find themselves digging out of a much bigger hole than lets say....a normal childhood from suburbia.

Veronika was fortunate to receive a college scholarship, and little did she know how one assignment would change the course of her life.   Her assignment was to design something to fulfill a need. She didn't need to look very far to find her inspiration and she chose to write about homeless shelters.  During her research she discovered somebody had built a shelter out of blankets and cardboard at a nearby park....right across the street from a homeless shelter.  At first she had no idea why somebody would choose a makeshift fort over a shelter, but what she discovered was that most homeless do not want to be dependent on handouts or shelters...their dream is not to stand roadside with a road weary sign, with dog eared corners begging for handouts.  Many are the children of addicts, who have long given up on digging their way out of that dark hole fate so effortlessly cast them into.     

It didn't take Veronika long to decide what they needed...sort of.  She designed a quilted coat that served as a parka during the day, but at night could be converted into a sleeping bag.  As she tweaked the design, she looked for feedback from the homeless, but one day as she was showing them her latest changes, one of the women staying at the shelter walked towards her screaming from desperation and hopelessness, "We don't need coats...we need jobs, what do you think you're doing...this is pointless!" 

Veronika knew the woman was right...the coats were only a band aid, she needed to make her idea more of a solution.  She created a non-profit called "The Empowerment Plan."  The very people she was designing the coats for also became her employees.  Women who had lost all hope in finding value in their lives suddenly had a dream.  Many were simple having their very own place to live. 

Veronika's motto is very simple: "The focus is to create jobs for those who desire them, and to provide coats at no cost for those who need them."

So as we Live, and Love, let us reach out a helping hand to those who have been dealt a cruel hand in life...and are only looking for a way "up." We reach out to our bohemian friends and appeal to your spirit of giving...if you would like to donate to "The Empowerment Plan" we have attached the link.


Peace out...




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